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If you are looking to improve your boxing or martial arts skills, focus mitts can be a great tool to incorporate into your training routine.

Focus mitts ( or boxing, pucnhing pads) are a pair of padded targets that a trainer holds for a fighter to strike, allowing the fighter to work on their punching accuracy, speed, and power. Unlike a punching bag focus mitts are best suited for simulating a real fight.

However, with so many options available on the market, it can be overwhelming to know how to choose the right focus mitts for your needs. In this article, we will discuss some key factors to consider when selecting focus mitts.

  1. Material. The material of the focus mitts can make a big difference in terms of durability and comfort. Leather mitts tend to be the most durable and long-lasting, but they are also typically more expensive. Synthetic leather or vinyl mitts can be a more affordable option, but they may not last as long. We suggest microfiber as the best material as is durable and absorbs sweat perfectly. When choosing focus mitts, it's important to look for high-quality materials that will withstand the impact of punches over time.

  2. Size and Shape Focus mitts come in different shapes and sizes, and choosing the right ones can depend on your specific training goals. Smaller mitts are typically used for faster, more precise punches, while larger mitts can be used to work on power and accuracy. Some mitts are also designed with specific shapes, such as curved mitts that are shaped to mimic the curve of a boxer's gloves, or flat mitts that are designed for more straightforward punches.

  3. Padding The amount and type of padding in the mitts can also affect your training experience. More padding can offer better protection for the trainer's hands, but it can also make the mitts heavier and more difficult to maneuver. Some mitts are designed with gel or foam padding that can absorb shock and provide a more comfortable experience for both the trainer and fighter.

  4. Price Focus mitts can range in price from very affordable to quite expensive, and it's important to consider your budget when making a purchase. While cheaper mitts may seem like a good deal upfront, they may not last as long or provide the same level of comfort and protection as more expensive options. On the other hand, investing in high-quality mitts can pay off in the long run by providing a better training experience and lasting for years.

  5. Brand and Reviews Lastly, it's always a good idea to do some research on the brand and read reviews from other customers before making a purchase.

Here are the best option to consider

  1. Fairtex Focus Mitts FMV15 - made of durable leather, these mitts are contoured to fit the natural curve of your hand, providing comfort and stability during training.

  2. Blegend Focus Mitts BFM17 - The curved light weight design is ideal for catching punches & knee strikes . Made out of strong synthetic leather. The 5cm thick padding absorbs all strikes with ease. Extra wrist support. Padded double Velcro closure.Focus Mitts And Boxing Pads Byuing Guide 2023

  3. Blegend Hybrid Mitts BFM11 - The Blegend Hybrid Mitts BFM11 are a pair of versatile and high-quality hybrid mitts designed for boxing, MMA, and other combat sports. These mitts are made of durable synthetic leather with a unique hybrid design that combines the features of traditional focus mitts and thai pads.

  4. Twins Special Focus Mitts PML21 - Long style focus mitts from Twins Special designed for versatile training of punches and kicks. Ball grip on palm and thick padded wrist for maximum comfort. Velcro strap for secure fit. Open fingers for ventilation. Made from high grade Thai leather.

  5. Booster Focus Mitts PML B Fitness Collection - The curved light weight design is ideal for catching punches & knee strikes. Made out of strong synthetic leather. Perfect for beginners
    Super light weight

In conclusion, choosing the right focus mitts can make a big difference in your training experience and performance. By considering factors such as material, size and shape, padding, price, and brand, you can find the mitts that best fit your needs and help you reach your training goals.

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