What is the secret of Top King success?

What is the secret of Top King success?

The Top King brand appeared in the late 90s and is part of a large family business of the Wongprasetkan dynasty. 

Before this new brand was born, the head of the Wongprasetkan family successfully developed the Windy company over the years. Since 1950, it has been one of the most famous creators of Muay Thai products.

In the early 1990s, Windy, a company that produces high-end models of gloves and protective elements for Muay Thai, was popular in the Asian region. At that time, the brand had existed for more than 40 years, and its founder, Manas Wongprasetkan, decided to retire, passing the business on to his sons.

The eldest son Narit decided to expand the company’s specialization and began the experimental release of a sports fight for boxing. By the early 2000s, Windy was already producing headgear, handwraps, sparring and professional gloves for professional boxers. 

In 2011, after the success of the first boxing models, Narit Wongprasetkan created a fundamentally new brand and took the risk of choosing the name “King” for it, which was extremely popular in Asia at that time.

Thus, for the last 20 years, all the activities of this family have been aimed at creating sports equipment not only for fans of Thai boxing, but also for other types of contact martial arts.

Wongprasetkan was really a connoisseur and a hardworking, enterprising owner of his business,even then, he considered the demanding consumers of the European market as potential users of his products. An indicator of the stable and impeccable quality of Thai protective equipment was the bold step taken by this new company towards international sales. A risky decision was made to use the name “King”, which was already widespread at that time, but for better recognition to strengthen its significance with the definition of “Top”.

There is no better advertisement than the presence of professional boxers in Top King equipment at all international competitions. 

The combination of innovative technology, unique design and hard work has brought the manufacturer “Top King” an undoubted success. The company has received worldwide recognition and great demand for its products among amateur boxers and professional athletes. And all this thanks to the full, undeniable and absolute satisfaction of the high requirements and needs of European athletes.



The popularity of Top King is due to the design advantages of its products. For example, boxing gloves of this brand are made of genuine leather, and molding foam is used as a filler, laid in several layers. The result is a simple but durable design that is ideal for training and professional fights (depending on the specific model).

Top King Boxing and Muay Thai gloves are available in sizes ranging from 8 oz to 16 oz. On the inside, they have a moisture-absorbing coating that prevents sweat from accumulating on the hands, which increases the hygiene and comfort of using gloves. The extended cuff is a tribute to trendy concepts, it provides better fixation and additional protection to the wrist joint. Professional grade Air gloves additionally have an inner coating made using Clima Cool technology, the next generation of moisture-absorbing materials that allow air to circulate freely inside the glove.

The brand produces high-quality 100% cotton handwraps that perfectly fix the hand in the glove, protecting the joint from injury. Top King Focus Mitts and Thai Pads are made of natural leather and modern synthetic materials, focused on regular training. Top King also offers groin protection and shinguards, some models with additional foot protection. The equipment is made of leather and is supplied with a dense foam padding. All Top King headguards are equipped with high-density double-layer padding, the size range is from S to XL.

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