Twins Special Lawsuit 2021

Twins Special Lawsuit 2021


Many people looking to buy Twins gloves have been the result of a scam recently.
A company based in the US has set up a illegitimate website fronting as ‘Twins Special’ Once customers place their order and pay they never receive their order and either get ignored or told continuously to wait for a refund or their delivery.

‘Twins Special USA’ One of the former distributors for Twins Special went bankrupt themselves and as a desperate last ditch attempt to make money they registered the trademark in USA and then went on to claim they were the official Twins Special and attempted to sue the real Twins and their distributors in an attempt to extort money.

We would like our customers to understand we are one of few GENUINE distributors for Twins Special and we will guarantee you the product you ordered and paid for. As we use PayPal for transactions we can also guarantee your order within a week or you’re money will be refunded via PayPal.

We pride ourselves on working with genuine Thai brands and building a close relationship with the companies of the products we sell in order to get our customers the best prices and also the best service. Thank you for choosing us!

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