Twins BGVL Boxing Gloves Review

Twins BGVL Boxing Gloves Review

Twins is a brand that has gained immense popularity in the boxing and martial arts world in just 2 decades of its existence. The outfit of this company is now popular among both amateurs and professionals. The brand specializes in the production of equipment for boxers as well as MMA fighters and Thai boxers. One of the most popular items in the Twins range are gloves.

The Twins BGVL boxing gloves are one of the best solutions for combat and training sparring. You can work on your feet, with a punching bag or a punching bag etc. with this outfit. Another advantage of this boxing outfit is considered versatility. It suits both experienced fighters and beginners.

Twins BGVL boxing gloves overview

The Twins BGVL gloves are distinguished by their many unique features

Premium grade genuine leather is used to make this equipment. Despite being thicker than 1mm, the gloves retain their resilience. Such leather thickness provides long life and high durability of the ammunition.

The Twins BGVL is manufactured using medium density polyurethane foam. It is a soft padding material. Can be used even during sparring sessions. The manufacturer of the sports equipment also took care of the protection of the fighter from injury. It is ensured by a cuff with reinforced protection for the wrist. This model is equipped with a leather band, which additionally protects the thumb. Another feature is the palm rib also with reinforced protection.

The anti-bacterial surface, which neutralizes any unpleasant odors and guarantees freshness even after the most intensive workout, is also a feature of this model. The high quality of handcraftsmanship is also worth mentioning. Thanks to this, even the smallest details of the Twins gloves are refined. The design of each model is carefully tailored to the specifics of each martial art competition: boxing, MMA, Muay Thai, etc.

Twins BGVL boxing gloves overview

What colours are available for the Twins BGVL gloves?

Basically this model is available in 6 colours: red, blue, black, white, yellow and grey. This variety of colours allows you to choose a model that will perfectly match your clothes, helmet and shoes.

A comparison of the Twins BGVL 3 and BGVL 6 gloves

The Twins range includes 2 gloves, the BGVL 3 and BGVL 6. The BGVL 3 is a plain coloured glove with a simple colour scheme. This outfit is used for sparring, everyday training and competitions. The distinctive feature of this harness is the air vent. Overall, the BGVL 3 can be described as a standard glove for an affordable price. By the way, the relatively low price of this model is not due to its low quality, but to its simple exterior design.

The BGVL 6 is considered ideal for both classic boxing or kickboxing. These gloves are distinguished by their angular shape. They are designed for sparring with form and weight. A special feature of this model is the additional padding, which provides a modern look and a higher level of protection for the fighter.

To choose the best model of Twins gloves, a boxer should focus on the following criteria:

  • weight – depends on the fighter’s weight;
  • size – this equipment should not cramp your movements and hang on your arm;
  • manufacturing material;
  • padding;
  • Type of fastener – for training you can use the models with Velcro, for the fights – only with laces.

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The Twins BGVL boxing gloves are a great choice for athletes of any level of training. Hurry up and order the high-quality boxing ammunition from the proven and reliable manufacturer right now!

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