Ranking Best Muay Thai Fighters

Ranking Best Muay Thai Fighters

Numerous lists rank the best Muay Thai fighters, prompting us to curate our exclusive selection. 

Muay Thai hosts various global tournaments annually, attracting fighters worldwide. This article celebrates some of the all-time best Thai boxing fighters, inviting you to add your favorites in the comments!

Saenchai Sor Kingstar

Saenchai is synonymous with Muay Thai excellence, a living legend famed for impeccable timing and playful ring style. Having dominated the sport for over a decade, Saenchai fearlessly challenges heavier opponents, boasting a near-impeccable win ratio.

Orono Vor Petchpun

Orono Vor Petchpun<br>

A luminary in the featherweight division, Orono boasts titles from Lumphini Stadium and the WMC and WPMF federations. A world champion by the age of 23, Orono's remarkable career saw him partake in 135 fights with a mere 19 losses.

Namsaknoy Yudhagarngamtorn

Namsaknoy Yudhagarngamtorn<br>handmade Thailand<br>BOXING FIGHTERS

Recognized as the "Emperor," Namsaknoy held champion status for over five years, securing a remarkable 95% victory rate in his 300+ fights. A mentor at the MMA Federation, his legacy endures as one of the greatest Muay Thai fighters.

Diesel Chor Tanasukarn

Diesel Chor Tanasukarn

Dominating Lumphini's lightweight division from 1981 to 1985, Diesel faced few defeats in his 114-fight career. His prowess secured him a place among Muay Thai's greats, despite a disqualification for a prohibited knee strike in 1984.

Samart Payakarun

Samart Payakarun

A multi-weight category champion at Lumphini, Samart transcended Muay Thai, becoming a WBC boxing world champion. Renowned for his incredible skills, Samart earned the moniker "brilliant boxer," releasing albums and starring in films outside the ring.

Kongtorani Payakarun

Kongtorani Payakarun

Samart's brother, Kongtorani, replicated his success with five championships, excelling across various weight categories. Despite his lighter weight, Kongtorani triumphed over physically superior opponents.

Pornsanae Shitmonchai

Pornsanae's aggressive style in the ring earned him acclaim, boasting over 300 fights and championships in bantamweight and featherweight divisions. Despite retiring in 2015, his fearless approach left an indelible mark on Muay Thai.

Buakaw Banchamek (Sombat Banchamek)

Buakaw Banchamek

Regarded as one of the greatest Muay Thai fighters, Buakaw's explosive power and numerous championships solidify his legendary status. A K-1 MAX World Grand Prix winner, Buakaw continues to make waves in and out of the ring.

Ramon Dekkers

Ramon Dekkers

Born in Holland, Dekkers earned acclaim in Thailand as one of the finest foreign fighters. With 186 wins, two draws, and 35 losses, he was a multiple world champion in Muay Thai and a K-1 league member.

Apidaeus Sit-Hirun

Recipient of the "Fighter of the Century" award, Apidaeus secured seven championship titles in both Muay Thai and Western Boxing. Known for his powerful kicks, Apidaeus left an enduring legacy at the legendary Fairtex Gym.

In remembrance of these extraordinary athletes, our list attempts to honor the greatness within Muay Thai. Share your thoughts on who you believe deserves a spot among the best in this exhilarating martial art.

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